Field testing of new e-health tool at EFIC, Valencia, 4th September 2019

Over the last year I  chaired an EU consensus group ofspinal cord stimulation (SCS) experts with the two aims of providing clarity to referrers of patients for SCS and once referred to promote consistency in selection of patients for SCS. The consensus group included representatives from EU states from both interventional anaesthetic and neurosurgical backgrounds. It also included experts in SCS management teams from nursing, physiotherapy and psychology. A natural output of this work is to produce an App that referrers and selection teams can use. The EFIC workshop gives us the perfect opportunity to test this in the real world of EU referrers. The workshop is at 10.30 on 4th September 2019. It will be interactive with the chance to use the e-tool at other private sessions.

10.30 to 12 noon

EFIC Congress XI - Pain in Europe "Bringing the Future to the Present"
Valencia, Spain